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December Day Camps 

Empowerment Summer
Camp 2024 

Empowerment Schedule Sample
(Times and Activities subject to change)

Arrival: 8:50AM-9:00AM 

9:00AM - Greetings and Choice Time in classroom 

9:20AM- Sports Court (Misc. Choices)

9:40AM- Classroom Mental Fitness Hands-On Project

10:15AM- Snack 

10:40 AM- Laser Tag

11:15 AM- Classroom Mental Fitness Activity 

11:45 AM- Movement Time (yoga, cardio, etc)

12:15 PM- Lunch 

1:00 PM- Sports Court (Misc. Choices)

1:45 PM- Swimming 

2:45 PM- Work Time (Any choices in classroom) 

3:45 PM- Pack Up/Dismissal 


Do you do sibling or multi-friend discount codes?

Yes, Email us for the code

Is there before or after camp care?

The facility hosts before and after care however it is not with MJX licensed staff it is a separate registration through Kids 

What if my child does not want to swim or participate in certain activities?

MJX firmly believes in choice for participation. Through activities they will always be given a choice. If they would rather read a book or draw then swim we accommodate our campers the best we can.

Is someone CPR and First Aid Trained?

Yes, directors Coach Nicole and Coach Marie are both trained. 

What are Mental Fitness Activities? What does a classroom session look like?

Mental Fitness activities are structured around an individuals capacity to respond to life with a developed mindset. Topics could be, Cooperation, Goal-Setting, Resilience, Self-Awarenes, Compliments, Mentorship, Mental-Health, Physical Health, and more. All activities are hands on. An example for Mentorship would be teaching coaching style. We could host a toddler play session where the campers mentor and coach alongside the counselors. Or for Goal-Setting the girls could make vision boards with supplies in the classroom. 

For more questions please email: 


MJX Mental Fitness Camps

December Day Camp Tentative Schedule 

9:00 AM - Greetings and Check In Soccer Activity 

9:20 AM- Soccer Technical 1 (Skills) 

10:00 AM- Mental Fitness #1

10:30 AM- Snack 

11AM- Soccer Tactical On Field 

11:50 AM - Movement Time (yoga, core work, etc).

12:15 PM- Lunch/Choice Time.

1:00 PM- Mental Fitness # 2

1:30 PM- Dismissal 

MJX Summer Camp Flyer - 3.PNG

MJX Mental Fitness Camps

 Week 1: June 17-21

Week 2: July 15-19


$275 Half Day

$375 Full Day 

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MJX Summer Camp Flyer - 1.PNG
MJX Summer Camp Flyer - 3.PNG
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